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Cart Disabled – NO Shipping

Beauty and the Beast Costumes is the premier full-service, year-round costume shop for Chattanooga and the surrounding Tri-State area.   Our local shoppers keep us on our toes for everything Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and School Play related rentals and sales.  Basically, if school is in session, we are busy, Busy, and BUSY.  We keep our prices super low by leaving the mail-order market to the hundreds of chain stores and E-commerce companies.

Thank you SO MUCH for your interest and feel free to drop by when you’re in the neighborhood.  We would love to see you!

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Halloween Extended Hours

Starting October 2nd, Beauty and the Beast Costumes in Chattanooga will have extended hours to make shopping more convenient for you. Please keep in mind that we will close at our regular time of 6 pm on Halloween night so our hard-working staff can enjoy some fun. On Wednesday, November 1st, we’ll stay open until 7 pm for customers returning rental costumes. Please note that all sales are final and our clearance markdowns happen in September, not November.

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Stock up on child sized costumes for dress-up and decorating

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner and everyone is getting excited about decorating their homes and dressing up in costumes. If you’re planning a Halloween-themed party for your friends and their kids, we’ve got some great ideas for you. You can create a fun and spooky atmosphere by decorating your yard with playful scenes of fright. While we don’t sell skeletons and props, we do have a wide selection of costumes that you can use to dress up any Halloween scene. Kid-sized costumes can make even the skinniest skeletons look great! You can also use old dolls and homemade dummies to add a creepy touch to your porch or hang them from trees to scare passers-by.

If you need help finding the right costumes, no worries! Beauty and the Beast Costumes in Chattanooga has a huge selection of child-sized clearance costumes that are perfect for creative play all year round. Don’t miss out on our amazing deal- take an extra $5 or $10 off any child-sized clearance-priced costume! These may not be what your child wants to be for Halloween, but would be great fun for playing dress up, school projects, learning to sew, or letting their imagination run free.  Plus, buying clearance costumes with coupons makes them almost FREE!  

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Big Things Coming!

So many great things are happening at Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga, that I can barely contain myself.  We have a huge shipment coming that will not only fill in many of the gaps of things we have sold out of but also bring in many new and exciting products for our Retail customers.  Our DIY collection of bodysuits, tutus,  toy weapons, and even odd things like Colonial socks will be significantly expanded for your Cosplay and creative costuming needs.

Also – Keep your fingers Crossed! – We hope to have this website completely overhauled very soon.   These significant changes should make the site more attractive and, more importantly, make browsing more manageable for everyone.  Our main objectives are to make it easier to navigate on mobile devices and lessen the confusion generated by our search engine mixing Rental and Retail items together without adequate notation.   Most of the confusing and overlapping categories will be eliminated. 

We should also be able to label images of Rental costumes as such and fine-tune items primarily geared toward theatrical productions. Things that we currently list as “Theatrical Groups Only” are usually not popular for Halloween or themed parties.  These are basic items like white shirts, black pants or plain white dresses available in large numbers and multiple sizes.  ‘Ad-on’ pieces can be used to adapt these primary costumes into different looks and colors for ensemble groups.  The bulk of those items are stored in less accessible places, making them unavailable to walk in customers.  At the same time, we want our directors and costume coordinators to know how much variety is available for their performances.  There are also a lot of larger pieces that can be bulky and/or delicate.  If individuals want or need these for a special occasion, there may be special conditions such as a 24 hour notification for viewing, restocking fees for those who ‘just want to look at it’, and definitely a full 10X rental security deposit which, again, renders them undesirable for individuals.

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We almost forgot the BUNNIES!

Did you ever forget to press Send?  I think we did.  The most adorable Easter Bunny costume Rentals are only found at Beauty and the Beast, Chattanooga!   Our rentals are always two days for the price of one, and weekend rentals are Friday until Monday.  Plus, that same great $55 price that has not increased in over 15 years.

Yes, we do have a new Security Deposit on all rentals.  This is what will help keep those rental prices low in the future.  As the replacement costs keep rising, it is important to insure that people take good care of our rentals, return them on time, in good conditions, and reasonably clean.  The only other alternative is to raise the rental cost by $20 for everyone to cover the ever rising cost of fun fur to replace the feet, hands, etc.  The security deposit makes sure that careless people pay for the damages they cause, NOT YOU!

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Makeup and “How To” DIY videos

The BIG Mehron shipment for this year has arrived and we are busily putting things away as fast as possible!  Beasty is working on making some new display trays to keep all the colors neat, orderly, and easily accessible.  Beauty has been looking up some “How To” videos to help answer the most common questions with the least amount of wasting your time on a lot of Fluff content.  We hope you’ll find these useful.

One of the most anticipated arrivals is the Neon UV Glow Paradise AQ face and body paint available in the refillable 8 color magnetic case or in the individual ‘refillable’ size color packs.

How to get started with Paradise AQ face paint.  Click Here!

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Mardi Gras fun for All!


MARDI GRAS is just around the corner and Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga has got all kinds of fun things for creative people. This year’s theme is “Think Outside the Box!” Anything can be a Mardi Gras costume, even last year’s Halloween costume or something out of your closet. If you want to be a more traditional, look for items that are Purple, Green, or Gold colored. Toss on mask, some beads, a crown, or feathers and you are good to GO! Let your creativity really fly and break all the ‘rules’ because let’s face it, this is the holiday with only ONE rule – Enjoy yourself and live life to it’s fullest.

Our beautiful Dark Mardi Gras Fairy is wearing a Hell’s Belle costume from the clearance section, sparkling fantasy wings, iridescent ram horns and purple rose head band, purple and black Glamour wig. Toss on some green accents like ribbon in her hair, a ring on her finger and an exotic hand held mask and she is fit to be an internet sensation!

Ahhh! No ball is complete without a lounge lizard. This purple velvet disco shirt, gold crown, inexpensive mask, and a ton of beads to hand out is all he needs to wear with his favorite dress pants or thrift shop find. Add an Austin Powers attitude and he’ll keep everyone laughing all night long.






Mardi Gras in not just for the young at heart, the kids can get in on the fun as well. This young king is sporting an eye popping purple velvet robe with lush, plush white fur and glittering gold trim. He can wear any shirt and pants out of the closet. Top off this look with a bright gold crown and maybe a sparkling green wire wrap necklace.
Did this little sister have a left over Halloween or school project belle costume? If she loves her purple and pink dress, Mom only needs to pick up a pink mask and boa, or maybe add a Mardi Gras star wand to update her look, or start anew.
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*HOT* New Santa Items

Don’t worry last minute Christmas shoppers!   We have you covered.   After all the turmoil over supply issues and me somehow breaking the internet therefore losing all my website updates back to the middle of October, FOUR large school plays, I am finally reloading all the Christmas information for those who “Ordered on the Internet, but…”  

NEW Style!  Halco brand dark red velvet Santa suits in XLarge, 2XLarge, and 3XLarge have been moving quickly this year, but we still have a few.  All three of these sizes run larger than you might think they will be, so be sure to send Santa over to try one on.

NEW Style!  Also Halco brand, bright red and white plush faux fur all over are also available in XLarge, 2XLarge, and 3XLarge that run big.  Hair sets are sold separately.
NEW Style Santa belly comes pre-stuffed and ready to wear for just $25.  Our other satin quilted, DIY padding pocket version is still available for $20.

AMAZING new dark red velvet vest with bright brass buttons is making a big splash in sizes Large, XLarge, and 2XLarge.  These are quite roomy, have red satin lining, adjustable half belt in the back, and MATCH most Velvet Santa suits and accessories in the Halco line.
Not into the full Santa look?  Or did the Real Santa misplace his favorite hat?  Check out our new Deluxe hats in Large and XLarge sizes to match the Velvet suits and vests.

We didn’t forget the Elves!  Our Simply Elf costume is unisex and comes with the hat and pants!

Want to be a little more festive?  This new style elf tunic has extra full sleeves and comes with matching belt, hat, and shoes.  Guys and Gals will both love this to wear with their own pants or leggings.
Even the kids can get in on the Elf-Action in this One Size fits most Simply Elf costume to match our adult sized version.

We also still have quite a few Christmas goodies in the Clearance section for those on a budget.  Hurry!  Those are going very quickly.

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Lots of Changes going on!

Thank you for your steadfast support of Beauty and the Beast.  I’m not sure what happened, but I will lovingly joke that the super heavy traffic during Halloween overwhelmed this site.  It is back up and running, as well as it ever did and I will try to get it all updated ASAP.  Hang in there.

We have sold out of a large number of Clearance styles that need to be deleted.   Since our main supplier has gone through a great many changes over the last year, we are running extremely low on Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter licensed costumes as well as our favorite fashions from the North Pole.   Fear Not!  Necessity is the mother of invention, and I am one tough little mother.  I have reestablished relationships with Morris Costumes in order to bring in NEW styles of Halco brand Santa suits, vests, hats; and re-stock the superior quality Lacy Wig brand Santa Claus wigs and beards.