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Big Things Coming!

So many great things are happening at Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga, that I can barely contain myself.  We have a huge shipment coming that will not only fill in many of the gaps of things we have sold out of but also bring in many new and exciting products for our Retail customers.  Our DIY collection of bodysuits, tutus,  toy weapons, and even odd things like Colonial socks will be significantly expanded for your Cosplay and creative costuming needs.

Also – Keep your fingers Crossed! – We hope to have this website completely overhauled very soon.   These significant changes should make the site more attractive and, more importantly, make browsing more manageable for everyone.  Our main objectives are to make it easier to navigate on mobile devices and lessen the confusion generated by our search engine mixing Rental and Retail items together without adequate notation.   Most of the confusing and overlapping categories will be eliminated. 

We should also be able to label images of Rental costumes as such and fine-tune items primarily geared toward theatrical productions. Things that we currently list as “Theatrical Groups Only” are usually not popular for Halloween or themed parties.  These are basic items like white shirts, black pants or plain white dresses available in large numbers and multiple sizes.  ‘Ad-on’ pieces can be used to adapt these primary costumes into different looks and colors for ensemble groups.  The bulk of those items are stored in less accessible places, making them unavailable to walk in customers.  At the same time, we want our directors and costume coordinators to know how much variety is available for their performances.  There are also a lot of larger pieces that can be bulky and/or delicate.  If individuals want or need these for a special occasion, there may be special conditions such as a 24 hour notification for viewing, restocking fees for those who ‘just want to look at it’, and definitely a full 10X rental security deposit which, again, renders them undesirable for individuals.