Information – FAQ

Beauty & the Beast Costumes
3708 Dayton Blvd.
Chattanooga (Red Bank), TN 37415

(423) 870-3510
PLEASE CALL during business hours for information not listed here.

FAQ:  What are your hours?
Quick Answer:  9-6 M-F, 10-2 Sat.  Closed Every Sunday and most major holidays.
Extended hours in October, please see that page.

FAQ:  Where are you located? How do I get there?
Quick Answer:  GPS / Google Map it.

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FAQ:  Why doesn’t the Shopping Cart Work?
Quick answer:  The Cart is disabled because we do not accept mail orders.   
The Website is designed to allow customers to browse before coming in to shop.  

FAQ:  How much does it cost to purchase a Rental Costume?
Quick Answer:  We do not sell the Rental Costumes because they are handmade and unique to this shop.  There are no others like these in the world.  

Frequently, the rental costumes are made out of discontinued fabrics that we have purchased at a reduced price.  This allows us to make super high-quality garments and rent them at a reasonable price.  We need ALL of our rental stock for School Play Season.   When these costumes wear out or get sold, there will never be any more that match.  If we did sell them, they would cost at least 10X the rental price.

FAQ:  Do you rent Chewbacca or Big Foot costumes.
Quick Answer:  NO.   

The nicer Chewbacca costumes with the extra-long hair can not be washed.   They can not even be dry cleaned without getting burned, matted, and tangled.  If we can’t wash a costume, we can’t rent it.   You don’t want to wear anything with another person’s funky stink in it.   No one else wants your cooties either.

I watch Tic Tok & Funny videos also.  I KNOW you want to punk, scare your friends in the woods.  While no one wants to wear your funk, I don’t want to deal with fur covered in mud, muck, sticks, leaves, and thorns in it.  The price of that big laugh / viral video is $110 + tax to purchase a Big Foot costume.

FAQ:  Can you hold that for me?
Quick Answer:  NO.

Frankly, if we move anything out of the place it belongs, we can’t find it again.  Plus, in 35 years of business, we have learned that if people really want something, they buy it.  If they go home to think about it, we never see them again.  We want all our customers to be happy, supportive, and come again.