Cart Disabled – NO Mail Order

Thank you for your patience and understanding with our disabled shopping cart.  Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga strives to support our local community by providing a broad range of items at surprisingly low prices.  Our website is designed to help local customers browse our extensive inventory before they shop in person.  Regrettably, no small business can be all things to all people.  Please, seek out and support your local independent costume providers before purchasing online, before we all become a thing of the past.

In case you need further explanation:

This issue is multi-layered.  The main reason is that Beauty and the Beast Costumes does not currently have the staff to keep the website 100% up to date as our inventory fluctuates daily.  While new items arrive periodically, other items may sell out.   Without computerized inventory control, it would be extremely labor intensive to ensure website accuracy.

A mail-order department for a Brick and Mortar retail store would also require a full-time person to take orders, pull items, check for damages, contact customers regarding out-of-stock or ‘shop worn’ condition issues, and await a reply.  All of that before actually packing, labeling, and shipping.  And then there are the additional accounting issues to process payments, figure taxes, higher website hosting and security charges, and shipping charges.  We would also need to find a dedicated area inside the building and keep it stocked with a dedicated computer, postage meter, and a variety of packing and mailing paraphernalia.

Those who frequently buy online have most likely experienced disappointment.  Items that don’t look like the photo are prevalent.  Inferior materials or workmanship are common.  Shipping delays and ‘porch pirates’ are infuriating.  Why put yourself through the aggravation when you can come into Beauty & the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga to see the colors, touch the materials,  inspect the quality and even try on costumes to get exactly what you want?

Finally, we do not allow returns.  All Sales are Final because there are bad people in the world who use a product, put it back in the package and return for a full refund.  Many of our items, like wigs and tights, are considered intimate apparel and therefore unsanitary to be sold after they have been opened.  While larger chain stores are able to absorb these losses, a small, independent store like ours cannot.  In-store customers may try on costumes, hats, and most masks to assure fit and quality before purchasing.  They can also see and compare colors of makeup, wigs, gloves, boas, fabrics, and other items to complete a costume or match their own items.  None of these things can be done online. 

Plus, you don’t get the in-store experience of shopping in a real, old-school, full-service costume shop with helpful, knowledgeable staff to ensure your full satisfaction.