NO Mail Order

Thank you for your understanding and patience with our disabled shopping cart.  Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga strives to support our local community by providing a broad range of items at surprisingly low prices.  Our website is designed to help customers browse before they drive over to shop with us.  This keeps us very busy!  Sadly, no one costume shop can be all things to all people.  Please look for and support your local independent costume providers.

In case you need further explanation:

This issue is multi layered.  Number 1, I do not have the staff to keep the website 100% up to date as our inventory fluctuates day to day.  Like any other store, we do occasionally sell out of items or run short of one size or color.  New items arrive periodically which need to be added to the website or simply replenish inventory.  Without computerized inventory control, there is no way to insure accuracy.

A mail order department would require a full time person to monitor the website, take orders, pull them, check for minor damages due to try-ons, contact customers regarding out of stock or ‘shop worn’ condition issues and await a reply.  We would also need to purchase a weight scale and pre-paid postage meter and stock boxes for shipping. 

Number 2, Costumes and hats are difficult to size properly and insure a proper fit.  Make up colors are NEVER, EVER the color that one sees on a screen.  This makes it extremely difficult to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Finally, we do not allow returns.  All Sales are Final because there are bad people in the world who use a product, put it back in the package and return for a full refund.  Many of our items, like wigs and tights are classified as intimate apparel and cannot be sold after they have been tried on.  While larger chain stores may be able to absorb those losses, a small, independent store like ours cannot.  In store customers may try on costumes, hats and masks to assure fit and quality before purchasing.  They can also see and compare colors of make up, wigs, gloves, boas, fabrics and other items to complete a costume or match their own items.  None of these things can be done on line. 

Plus, you don’t get the in store experience of shopping in a real, old school, full service costume shop with helpful, knowledgeable staff to insure your full satisfaction.