Theatre Groups

Beauty & the Beast Costume Shop, Chattanooga is proud to be the sole provider of rental costumes to many of our local educational and religious performing arts groups.   

While we do not ship, deliver, or pick up costumes, we do provide a unique pull service that many of our directors enjoy.    All you have to do is send us a detailed list of costumes needed and desired pick it up date.   We will pull all the costumes and have them ready, on hangers with name tags to be picked up by the Director, Costume Coordinator, or other designated representative.  Any member of the organization may return the costumes on the agreed-upon date.

Naturally, we need a lot of information to do our job well.   What we expect from the theatrical group:

Name, Address, and Phone number of the Organization.
Director’s name and contact information (Phone or Email for notifications)
Name and contact information for any other representatives who are capable of making final decisions.
Name of the Project – A copy of the script is a BIG HELP!
First name & last initial of each performer
Performer’s overall height (to help differentiate between Adult or Child size), Chest & Waist measurements
Name and Gender preference for each character or costume change for each performer.
**  Please don’t make me guess the gender preference of “Townsperson” or “Villager” based on the performer’s name.


We will be adding more galleries to show how some of our groups have used our costumes on stage.  Not all costumes on stage are always from Beauty & the Beast because some groups prefer to make or purchase items individually.  If you have photos of a past production that you would enjoy sharing with other groups, please send images to, THANK YOU!