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We almost forgot the BUNNIES!

Did you ever forget to press Send?  I think we did.  The most adorable Easter Bunny costume Rentals are only found at Beauty and the Beast, Chattanooga!   Our rentals are always two days for the price of one, and weekend rentals are Friday until Monday.  Plus, that same great $55 price that has not increased in over 15 years.

Yes, we do have a new Security Deposit on all rentals.  This is what will help keep those rental prices low in the future.  As the replacement costs keep rising, it is important to insure that people take good care of our rentals, return them on time, in good conditions, and reasonably clean.  The only other alternative is to raise the rental cost by $20 for everyone to cover the ever rising cost of fun fur to replace the feet, hands, etc.  The security deposit makes sure that careless people pay for the damages they cause, NOT YOU!