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Crazy Mixed up Halloween

This year’s window theme is Crazy Mixed up Halloween, but it could also be “Keep throwing things at the wall and see what sticks.”  With all of the shipping issues plaguing retailers, all puns intended, 2021 is going to need more people to think outside the box, maybe use what they have, mix up pieces of discount costumes with unusual accessories to come up with something new and different.

While not exactly Politically Correct, this year’s hottest costumes may be Political in nature.  The most recognizable costumed activist of the year has to be the Shaman.  Love him or hate him, everyone knows who it is.  You can copy his unique look with a buffalo hat, a vampire cape, two raccoon caps, some makeup, a toy spear and a flag  bandana.  Wear with a pair of khakis and maybe have a friend draw triangles and a big Thor’s hammer on your chest.

If you’re a little less crafty, you can always grab a Jailbird costume, maybe a wig, and change the number on your chest to the name of your least favorite politician.