King of Siam’s Wife as Dancer


Adult sizes Junior to Standard or Plus to Texas Small.

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The Singers and Dancers in the “Small House of Uncle Thomas” play within the play are normally the same performers as the Ensemble Wives of the King.  In order to save time, space and embarrassment during quick changes, Beauty and the Beast Costume Shop offers another great “Layered” look for groups with little or no dressing room space and a budget to match.

The Kataginu inspired tabard is an all in one cover up layer including cape, belt, apron and wide suspender decorations.   Just slip the tabard over the head, adjust the red cummerbund to waist and tie in back under the cape.  Tiaras are EVA foam, glitter and rhinestones held in place with a metal head band.  Design is based on traditional Thai crowns as shown on the Singer page.

King and I:  Ensemble for “Small House of Uncle Thomas” play within the play.


King and I:  The King’s Wives, Ensemble
Tabard & Crown over Base dress for Ensemble for “Small House of Uncle Thomas” play within the play.

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Rose, Lavender, Jade, Dark Green, Ivory