Victorian Blouse, Skirt and Hoop Slip



White cotton blouse with peplum, lace trim at neck and zipper back.  Printed rayon skirt has slight shimmer and drawstring waist, can be used with or without hoop slip.  Skirt also available in taupe.  Simple design is excellent for Ensemble members who need to change quickly from one scene to the next.  Ad bright waist sash, bonnet, shawls, jacket or even bustle for a number of different looks.  

Hoop Slip (as shown) $10 additional rental.

King and I:  Siam wives in ‘English’ gowns for Dignitary visit.   Trick Hoops to raise when bowing NOT available.  These can be rigged using fishing line pinned to back of hoop and run over the shoulder, through another pin on blouse.  Pull cord when bowing.  However, this can be complicated for young performers to coordinate and is normally considered more trouble than it’s worth.
Mary Poppins:  Park Strollers, Talking Shop Customers