King of Siam’s Wife with Green Sari


Adult sizes Junior to Standard or Plus to Texas Small.

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Sari is wrapped over Ivory Base dress and held in place with gold tone vinyl belt with iridescent purple or blue belt with gold sequin trim.  Sari colors are bright blue, mint green, multi color or bright red.  (Red is intended for the Dancers / Singers in the Uncle Tom’s Cabin scene in King and I)  Each sari is trimmed with gold metallic lace and ribbons.  

King and I:  The King’s Wives, Ensemble
Red Sari for Ensemble for “Small House of Uncle Thomas” play within the play.

How to wear this simplified version of a Sari (Saree).  While a proper Sari should be much larger and more ornate than these costume versions, they are also much more difficult to wrap.  Our costume designer found an affordable way to achieve a desired look in a way that local school children can quickly learn to do for themselves or with a buddy.


Overview:  1.  Place Sari over left shoulder with longest section to the rear.  2.  Bring rear section across the back in diagonal motion to right waist.  3.  Toss same section over right shoulder.  4.  Secure with pin at back of neck and tie belt at waist leaving longest section hanging free in back.

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