Paradise AQ Prisma Cool


To make large, multi color swirls and patterns, pick up a Paradise Sponge Applicator while you are at Beauty and the Beast Costumes in Chattanooga.


Paradise Makeup AQ™ Prisma BlendSet is a makeup cake combined with complementary colors for ease of blending, contouring, highlighting and shadowing.  Each color combination was designed to the exact specifications of the world famous face & body makeup artiste and instructor, Jinny Houle.  Prisma™ BlendSet can be applied with a sponge or brush. 

Photos do not do justice to the vibrant colors in these pallets.

Pallet includes beautiful cool shades of Light Blue, Aqua/Teal, Navy Blue and White.  Colors are easy to use by drawing a damp paint brush through one bar or blend by swirling between two colors.