Ladies Black Victorian Coat with Bright Skirt


Adult Junior, Standard, Plus, Texas Small


Black Victorian styled coat with crushed velvet collar and cuffs, black ribbon with silver dots trim, silver button front closure, large functioning pockets – originally designed for a stunning entrance coat for Mary herself, these can also be used as a ‘cover up’ layer for the Female Bank Clerks.  Outfit includes coat, white blouse, China silk skirt and matching choker or ascot.  The green skirt with matching ascot is especially stunning for the humorless secretary Miss Smythe.  Most ensembles will need multiple looks for the same actors to return to the stage in different scenes.  These black coats can cover up even the brightest colored skirts for a sharp, business look.

Coat may be rented separately for $25.

Mary Poppins:  Miss Smythe, Female Bank Clerks