King of Siam’s Wife as Singer


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The king’s wives serve as the singers and dancers in the “Small House of Uncle Thomas” play within the play.  This is often the favorite part of the play for the audience, but the biggest headache for the director and costume coordinator.  At Beauty and the Beast Costumes, we came up with an economical way to totally change the look of the wives’ costumes without having to change the entire wardrobe.  

The idea originated with the fact that Red and Gold are considered royal colors in much of the far east.  Thailand natives still enjoy color combinations that the residents of the western world often consider as ‘clashing’, but somehow it always works in surprisingly beautiful ways.  Our solution to the problems was to incorporate as much red and gold as possible layered over the multi colored base dresses.  The large gold crowns have multi colored rhinestones to help tie all the colors together. 

Most people will be exasperated trying to acquire or make the tall tower style headpieces seen in the classic movie.  Those are difficult to make, store and transport.  If any can be found they are normally far to expensive for amateur performances.  The answer was to find an acceptable shape that could be reproduced by the dozen and stacked for storage and transport.  Ours are roughly based on the images below.

King and I:  The King’s Wives, Ensemble
Red Sari for Ensemble for “Small House of Uncle Thomas” play within the play.

Please see Sari costume pages for How to Wrap a Sari.

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Rose, Lavender, Jade, Dark Green, Ivory