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What’s Happening at Beauty and the Beast Costumes?

Life sure has been interesting, hasn’t it?  Last year, through the Covid quarantine, the B&B family started the ball rolling on some huge renovation projects.  For customers, that meant two completely remodeled rooms.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Bargain Boutique and the comfortable new Family style Dressing room area, you need to drop in for a peek.

This year, most of the changes are behind the scenes as we continue to clean out and organize our multiple storage rooms.  How does that affect our clientele?   Hopefully, optimizing our inventory will help the staff locate items and aid customers with easy selection.  This year, Beauty and the Beast Costume staff is lowering prices on over half of our child-sized costumes to help ease anxiety for families on tight budgets.   Plus, we are adding a new set of shelves in the Bargain Boutique to accommodate families and minimize sensory overload for those who occasionally feel overwhelmed.