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Sneak Peeks of the New Bargain Boutique!

Check out the newly stocked Bargain Accessory wall!  It has a little bit of everything including masks, hats, headpieces, make up, wigs and shoe spats.  On the right, you can peek into the new dressing room area. 

Best choice for a center piece is Classic Halo 3 Master Chief.  If you look closely, you’ll even see that his side kicks are looking even better on their new head stands, hand made by “Beast”.

New Peek is the Celebrity side.  Lots of familiar faces are now price reduced by 25% – 50%.

Susan and Jeff Stringer, the OG Beauty and the Beast, have been working hard to bring you the all new Bargain Boutique!  “Beast” has been doing all the heavy lifting tearing out the two dressing rooms that were always just a little less ‘secure’ out of one room and moving them into another.  Both have been painting and decorating.  “Beauty” has been delving into the stock rooms and whipping out the red pen to fill the room with first time discounted items all the way down to as much as 90% off (or “Free to a Good Home”) items.  We think you’re going to love it!

There will be so much more to come, but you’ll have to check back!