King’s Wife with Sari


Adult sizes Junior to Standard or Plus to Texas Small.

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Sari is wrapped over Ivory Base dress and held in place with gold tone vinyl belt with iridescent purple or blue belt with gold sequin trim.  Sari colors are bright blue, mint green, multi color or bright red.  (Red is intended for the Dancers / Singers in the Uncle Tom’s Cabin scene in King and I)  Each sari is trimmed with gold metallic lace and ribbons.  

King and I:  The King’s Wives, 
Red Sari for Ensemble for “Small House of Uncle Thomas” play within the play.

How to wear this simplified version of a Sari (Saree) While a proper Sari should be much larger and ornate than these costume versions, they are also much more difficult to wrap.  Our costume designer found an affordable way to achieve a desired look in a way that local school children can quickly learn to do for themselves or with a buddy.

Step 1: Hold sari with one end close to hem of under dress (closer to waist on Jr-Std multi colored sari). Toss bulk of sari / drape over wearer’s left shoulder.
Step 2: Hold front drape steady with left hand (closer to should than mannequin can). With right hand, reach behind your back and bring long drape to the front.
Step 3: With right hand, toss long drape over left shoulder.
Step 4 Back view: Tie belt in back under the long drape. Secure back drape with a pin (straight or safety) near neck.


Step 4: Secure sari with belt and adjust fabric by smoothing folds with gentle pulling under the belt.

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Bright Blue, Mint Green, Bright Red, Multi Color