Formal Ladies of Siam


Adult size Junior, Standard, Plus, Texas.  All colors are not available in all sizes.

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Currently only available in Adult sizes, these were made for the King of Siam’s daughters.  If cast includes smaller children, we may be able to replicate similar style costumes in smaller sizes with enough prior notice.  These could also be used as the wives if different costumes are used for the children.

The idea for this design is to make two costumes out one.  For the formal introduction to Mrs. Anna Leonowens, costume includes simple white cotton ‘shell’ blouse, brightly colored China silk skirt, gold tone vinyl belt with multi color metallic ribbon trim and a loose fitting, open front jacket of either metallic patterned or plaid fabric.  Skirts and jackets currently available in seven colors each which can be assorted into a wide range of color combinations.

When the children are in school, the jacket can be removed and the skirt pulled up into a sampot with a matching color fabric band which is provided.  

Example of skirt gathered up into sampot.

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Green, Orange, Red, Purple, Light Green, Aqua, Yellow