New Solution to Old Problem

For many years, Beauty and the Beast has clashed with early Christmas costume shoppers who are looking to outfit Santa and his friends in the middle of October.  For those who have never visited our shop during the Halloween season, you may not understand how jam packed we are with Halloween merchandise.  Most people understand that we can’t leave a shop full of happy Halloween shopper to rummage around in the attic for out of season goods.  It’s harder to remember that even when it’s quiet, we need to clean and restock.  This year, we had extra added layers of ‘busy’ working on this website and our son’s wedding to our cashier.  Please forgive us for being somewhat distracted during October 2017.

During our peak season, we always seem to forget that Hamilton Place Mall throws a Christmas Parade on the first Saturday of November.  Apparently, it gets bigger and bigger every year!  This seems to drive a growing number of people to desperation hunting for Christmas items in October.   Let me assure all of you that moving forward, I shall try to be more helpful and find a way to make our inventory more accessible to early Christmas shoppers.

This new website is powered by WordPress and Woo Commerce, which have been a painful learning curve.  It has many features that I have not yet learned to use, including inventory listings, but I am learning how to get our massive inventory visible to the public.   While the website and my memory have not served early Christmas shoppers well at all in the past, I hope to correct the situation in the future by getting the site updated.  Hopefully, it will be more informative and easier to browse soon.  New Christmas items will also be added to this site as soon as they arrive in September.  I also plan to maintain a sampling of the most popular Christmas items at the back of the store all year long.  Hang in there folks!  We’ve been making a great many changes recently and plan to continue to renovate our retail structure through the new year.